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From ingredient handling and mixing to dough make-up, proofing
and baking systems to slicing and packaging equipment,
for bread, pastry, cookies, breadsticks and more

Featured Products from LBC

LRP Proofer

LBC Roll in Proofer

LBC proofers climate control systems maintain uniform temperature and provide a constant airflow throughout the racks for a better proofing process allowing for higher quality of baked products.User friendly control panel makes it easy to operate, digital control panel to set temperature and humidity.

Electric Deck Oven

LBC Electric Deck Oven

Equipped with stone decks, glass doors and fast recovery steam pods for excellent baked goods every time. Each deck is equipped with independent user friendly, digital control panel which allows for baking at different heat or steam settings. Available in 1,2,3 and 4 pan sizes and 1-4 stackable decks.

LMO Max Oven

LBC LMO Max Oven

For the demanding baker, performance is most important, that’s why the LMO combines high steam production with even air-flow to yield baking results that match those of much larger and more expensive ovens. Holds 80% of the capacity of a full size single rack oven, designed to fit under standard hood height

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We've put together a report for you which covers how to
interview and select your equipment vendor with confidence

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    How do you find equipment vendors to interview
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    How do you choose the right vendor in the end
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    What are the determining factors that you should consider

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  • Equipment selection
  • installation
  • Start-up & training
  • preventive maintenance
  • emergency service
Horizon Bradco represents the premier domestic and international manufacturers to provide complete bakery solutions. From ingredient handling
and mixing technology to specialized dough make-up, proofing and baking systems to slicing and packaging equipment, we have you covered.

Our sales staff/equipment specialists work hand-in-hand to understand your vision, making sure to address immediate needs and work through future possibilities.
Our equipment solutions focus on advancing worker productivity, trimming energy use and creating more distinctive products.

Our equipment sales don't stop at selecting the right proofer or oven, we go the extra mile to:
  •  Conduct a site survey to ensure the equipment can fit in the allotted space
  • Procure equipment and track straight through to shipping
  • Manage schedule of delivery and coordination of services to complete install