Breaking bread: 10 ways automated bread slicers change baking

Breaking bread: 10 ways automated bread slicers change baking

Breaking bread: 10 ways automated bread slicers change baking

Are you familiar with the expression “the greatest thing since sliced bread”? How could you talk about bread slicers without bringing that little gem up?

But the truth is, while sliced bread might be worthy of the title “greatest thing,” the act of slicing is far from it, especially in commercial baking operations. It’s time-intensive, difficult to standardize and even potentially dangerous if done by hand.

While it’s not quite a baker’s dozen, we’ve collected a list of 10 reasons why automated commercial-grade bread slicers might make a valuable addition to your business.

1. Bag blowers
Speeding up slicing only saves a business time if other ancillary operations don’t detract from what operators have reclaimed. Keep cycle times high and seal in freshness with optional bag blowers. These attachments prepare packaging for immediate wrapping as soon as the loaf is cut, all on the same piece of equipment.

2. Heavy-duty crumb bins
These aren’t like the crumb trays in the family toaster – flimsy, shallow and impossible to clean. Crumb bins for commercial bread slicers are large and sturdy enough to store gallons of scraps at a time. Operators reduce interruptions to their operations and safely save crumbs for other prepared food department favorites, like breaded chicken cutlets, meatballs or baked macaroni and cheese.

3. “Last loaf” pusher
As with all slicing equipment, safety is a top priority. Under no circumstance should any staff member place his or her hand inside equipment. Just imagine what the OSHA compliance officers would say. To slice the last loaves in a batch without jeopardizing the operator’s fingers, invest in a bread slicer with a manual lever or automated feature capable of pushing the lastĀ loaves through safely.

“JAC Full Bread Slicers can handle up to 1,000 loaves per hour.”

4. High-volume production
Looking to automate a large-scale baking operation and need slicing equipment that can keep up with your high throughput? Devices such as the JAC Full Bread Slicer can handle up to 1,000 loaves per hour, thanks in part to optional ramp attachments.

5. Loaf counter
Any business utilizing high-capacity bread slicers will require a system by which to track stock. With so much going on, it’s too easy to fall behind, flub the numbers, waste product and make extra work for the team. Find a commercial bread slicer equipped with a loaf counter, so you’re always on top of your orders.

6. Adjustable slicing options
Variety is the spice of life, so whether you sell sourdough, pumpernickel, rye or all of the above, your commercial bread slicer should be able to prepare them all without damaging products. Equipment with configurable slicing widths give bakers the freedom to sell what they want exactly how their customers want it.

7. Whisper-quiet functionality
Loud equipment might be fine for industrial settings, but theĀ same cannot be said for local grocery stores or supermarkets where in-person customer service could suffer. Bread slicers with soundproof casings allow baking staff to complete their work and attend to shoppers while still maintaining “inside voices.”

“JAC Picomatics come with digital displays and sensor technology.”

8. Maintenance alerts
When blades dull and lubricant runs dry, slicing equipment loses its edge, compromising quality and productivity. Some bread slicers like the JAC Picomatic come with digital displays and sensor technology capable of letting operators know when it’s time for a tune up, replacement or a refill.

9. Mounted on casters
Is your business too small to assign a dedicated space for bread slicing? Choosing a model on lockable metal casters makes anywhere and everywhere a bakery department. And when it’s time to clean up, simply wheel the equipment away safely to a supply closet where it stays out of your way until you need it next.

10. Collapsible features
Hoping to save even more space? Chutes and other attachments can be folded back to condense bread slicers to their most compact size for easy storage.

Looking for the right equipment to slice bread? Check out our great products by JAC.

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