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Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Refrigeration in Florida

Commercial refrigerators are absolutely critical pieces of equipment for businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias and anywhere else that serves or stores food. As anyone who runs one of these businesses can tell you, these appliances require a lot of energy to stay in operation, as they work around the clock and cool a whole… Read more »

How You Can Maintain Your Commercial Cooler in Florida

Commercial refrigerators are at the heart of any food service enterprise. If a unit breaks down, it could cause some severe inconvenience to the company. Of course, all units eventually reach the end of their useful lifespan. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything possible to extend that life! By keeping up with regular… Read more »

Horizon Bradco Acquires Allied Mechanical Services and NEC

Horizon Bradco has acquired New England based Allied Mechanical Services, LLC (AMS) and New England Controls, LLC (NEC).  Based in Wallingford, CT, AMS is a leading provider of refrigeration and HVAC installation, repair services and maintenance contracts to the area’s top supermarkets and retail food chains. NEC provides specialty installation of low-voltage energy management solutions… Read more »