Common Problems to Watch for in Your Commercial Cooler in Florida

Common Problems to Watch for in Your Commercial Cooler in Florida

Keeping your food products safe for your customers is imperative to your business’ success. You need to make sure your commercial cooler in Florida is operating properly in order to ensure your customers are satisfied. While commercial coolers generally do an excellent job of keeping food at the right temperature, there are times when they can act up, requiring you to have them repaired. As you maintain your business, keep an eye on your commercial coolers and watch for these most common problems, which indicate that you need repair services:

  • Loose gaskets: With the frequent opening of your cooler doors, the gaskets around them that create that impenetrable seal can come loose. This will allow cold air to escape and leave you with a commercial cooler in Florida that is not maintaining temperature or is working harder than necessary to keep your food items cold. Be sure to check the seal of your doors frequently and look for signs of wear. If you notice that your cooler doors are not shutting as tightly as they once did, call for repairs to the door gaskets to recreate that seal.
  • Icing up: When you see ice forming in your commercial cooler in Florida, this is a sign that there is an air leak somewhere in the system. You shouldn’t have ice forming in a cooler system, and only when air is introduced to the system will this occur. While this can be caused by a loose door gasket, it can also be caused by an internal part of your cooling system. A refrigeration technician will be able to diagnose what is causing the issue and repair your commercial cooler so it keeps food cool without icing up.
  • Improper temperature control: It is important to keep your food products at the correct temperature. When your commercial cooler in Florida fails to maintain a consistent temperature no matter what you try, call a refrigeration service to have a look at your cooler system. Your commercial cooler may need to be recharged, or you may have a faulty thermostat that needs replacing. Both can prevent your commercial cooler from staying cold and keeping your food safe for your customers.
  • Compressor breakdown: When your compressor breaks down, you are in dire straits, as your food product is at risk of expiring. You need to get immediate assistance to your place of business in order to avoid losing your entire stock of food products. Several things can cause a compressor to fail, including a worn or faulty component. Allow a refrigeration technician to inspect your commercial cooler in Florida to determine what the cause of the failure is.

Watching for these common problems in commercial coolers will help you ensure your food products are safe for your customers. At the first sign of a cooling problem, you should call for repairs, as you don’t want to put your customers at risk with spoiled food items. To have your commercial cooler serviced, contact 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. We can help determine what the issue with your commercial cooler is and get it up and running quickly.

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