Don’t Get Caught Without the Proper Records!

Don’t Get Caught Without the Proper Records!

Regulations in the food service industry are strict, particularly for the meat and poultry processing industry where state and federal inspectors require records to be well kept and in order, particularly HACCP documentation.

The National Provisioner provides a list of HACCP documentation that is needed for inspectors:

  • The written hazard analysis with supporting documentation
  • The written HACCP plan and decision-making document associated with the selection and developments of CCPs, critical limits and monitoring and verification procedures
  • Records documenting the monitoring of CCPs and their critical limits, calibration of the process-monitoring instruments, corrective actions, verification procedures and results
  • Product codes, product name or identity, or slaughter production lot

The HACCP Manager can assist you in keeping these accurate and necessary records. This Manager saves time by eliminating manual data collecting, allows user to add notes to specific records, and generates reports to PDF and Excel format quickly and easily. The HACCP Manager also helps to eliminate one of the most common issues in these reports; forgetting to include date or time or the initials of those putting in the record.

HACCP Manager Kit

Each employee utilizing the HACCP Manager logs in to record who is conducting the evaluation which helps ensure compliance with HACCP workflow and increases employee accountability. This automatically records the name and time of the person conducting the evaluation ensuring that it is not missing from the records.

Learn more about the features and capabilities of the HACCP Manager, our current Equipment Spotlight!

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