What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator?

What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator?

Are you ready to start off the new year with a new or upgraded commercial refrigerator? You can make buying commercial refrigeration in Florida easier by determining what your business’ specific needs are before you start shopping.

Here are some questions to consider as you approach the purchasing process.

What type of refrigerator meets your needs?

Size is an important consideration when selecting commercial refrigeration. You’ll want to measure the space in your kitchen to determine the amount of room you have available to work with. When you’re measuring, remember to include the doorways, since your refrigerator will need to fit through them once it’s delivered.

Then it’s time to think about dimensions of the refrigerator itself. You’ll want to look at not only width and height, but depth as well. Consider how much storage space you’ll need, and be sure to anticipate what needs you might have down the road, not just your current business requirements.

An important point to remember: Find out the cubic feet of the refrigerators you’re considering. Commercial refrigeration in Florida that is large on the outside may not contain as much room on the interior as it may appear.

Where should the condenser be located?

Your refrigerator’s condensing unit is the workhorse of your unit and performs the heavy lifting when it comes to making sure your food stays cold. You’ll want to think about whether a top-mount or bottom-mount refrigerator makes more sense for your business needs.

Bottom-mount refrigerators are frequently easier to clean and maintain, may make it easier to access the products you have in stock and tend to place less strain on your refrigerator during warmer weather. Top-mount refrigerators typically don’t collect as much debris or dust as bottom-mount models, and you’ll probably find that they don’t cause a burst of hot air to be released into the cabinet when you open the unit’s doors.

What brand makes the most sense for your business?

A commercial refrigerator is an integral part of your operation, so you want equipment manufactured by a brand you can rely on. When you research brands, you may find that some focus on offering the best value at the lowest price point, while other brands place emphasis on offering refrigerators of exceptional quality.

You’ll want to decide what the logical solution is for your own business needs.

What is included in the warranty?

Make sure to find out how long the refrigerator will be covered by the manufacturer and which parts are included in the warranty.

Also, be sure you understand what the manufacturer offers for service. While it’s not enjoyable to think about, your new commercial refrigerator will likely eventually malfunction, and you’ll need service as soon as possible. You’ll want to make sure you know exactly what is covered in the warranty when the need for service arises.

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