Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Commercial Refrigeration This Year

Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Commercial Refrigeration This Year

Investing in new refrigeration equipment for your business can seem like a major step. But the benefits of installing the most up-to-date cooling gear can far outweigh the costs of its initial purchase.

On average, commercial cooling equipment has a lifespan of around 10 years. Factors such as the conditions of use and the exterior air temperature can influence this, however. Refrigeration systems that are in need of replacement may struggle to keep their interior temperature consistent, pitch off excess heat to the ambient air surrounding them and create uneven cooling patterns on their inside.

If you are concerned that your commercial refrigeration in Florida is in need of repair or replacement, here are five benefits of upgrading to consider while you determine your current cooling gear’s fate:

  • Store more product: Modern commercial refrigeration gear is larger and more ergonomically designed. Subsequently, you can generate and store more products within a single fridge. This leads to savings of both energy and valuable kitchen or retail space. Additionally, the ability to store more product will often increase your business’ ability to purchase in higher bulk numbers, which can result in more substantial discounts and lower overhead expenses.
  • Consistent cooling: New, properly working commercial refrigeration equipment will cool your products evenly throughout the entirety of the refrigerators’ interior. While older or malfunctioning equipment may have cooler spots toward the back, new gear can make sure that every space within your fridge is usable, and that you don’t damage products with either frost burn or insufficient cooling.


  • Invest in efficiency: You can cut down on your energy bill and make your business more environmentally friendly by investing in new commercial refrigeration in Florida. Older refrigeration systems can suck up tremendous amounts of electricity, raising your operating costs and contributing to your business’ carbon footprint. Newer gear, however, is built to withstand the most rigorous tests of ecological consciousness. Additionally, federal and local incentive programs, such as tax credits or rebates, can make it more appealing to install efficient, up-to-date gear.
  • Improve product quality: Many older commercial refrigeration systems can cause your product to fluctuate in temperature. This can damage the reputation of your business and lead to dissatisfied customers. Additionally, leaks of cool air can cause certain foods to become less safe for consumption. You can exercise more control over your business’ products by investing in modern commercial refrigeration technology.
  • Decrease production time: Newer refrigeration systems are designed for use in small, tight spaces. They make the most of their space, and offer features like automation. These ergonomic and technological factors can increase your staff’s efficiency, and make it easier to ramp up your production time.

Don’t wait to replace your commercial refrigeration equipment until it malfunctions. 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been serving Florida and southern Georgia with high-quality commercial refrigeration services for more than a decade. If you are ready to upgrade your business’ cooling equipment, call today to learn about our easy and convenient solutions for commercial refrigeration in Florida.

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