Five Signs You Should Consider Installing a New Industrial Freezer in Florida

Five Signs You Should Consider Installing a New Industrial Freezer in Florida

The food industry is gigantic—so large, in fact, that everyone involved in the process to get perishable food items from the supplier to the store or restaurant will take measures to prevent spoilage. So, for the sake of health and potential inventory loss, industrial grade refrigeration and freezers are used, and they’re even in the trucks that transport the food.

Did you know that business owners are required to follow strict food preservation guidelines? This is why businesses ranging from grocery stores to fast food chains rely on their freezers to keep perishable goods from going bad. With that in mind, when is the right time to invest in new commercial freezers? Here are five warning signs that you may need to replace your industrial freezer in Florida:

  • Decreased efficiency: Business owners and managers are busy people, so it’s not uncommon for freezer issues to go unnoticed. Good thing there are obvious signs of decreased freezer efficiency. The first indicator is ice or frost buildup on the inside walls, products or compressor unit. Ice can start out as a thin layer that quickly grows into a solid, thick mass, or can appear overnight with the potential for freezer doors to freeze shut. Other indications of inefficiency include a temperature difference from one spot in the freezer to the next, and freezers not being able to cool down after opening.
  • Difficulty maintaining temperature: If you notice big fluctuations in freezer temperature, this likely means the end is near. Signs of operating issues include random periods of thawing and refreezing, displayed products covered in ice and frozen to shelves, and the unit struggling to get back to normal cold temperatures after having been opened.
  • Structural damage: While your industrial freezer in Florida is built strong, constant use can lead to minor as well as major structural damage. Freezer doors slamming can loosen joints, products sliding in and out can scrape walls and shelving, cleaning equipment leaves dents and sharp objects can penetrate through walls—all of these contribute to the unit falling apart. And unfortunately, it’s not unusual for door hinges and seals to deteriorate and fail only to let warm outside air in. Exposed freezer wall insulation is another concern that should get you thinking about investing in a replacement unit.
  • Needs too much maintenance: Regular maintenance can ensure your industrial freezers are working properly, but needing more frequent professional repairs—like every week or month—may point to significant freezer failure. Whether your freezer is failing due to age or a malfunctioning part, it’s not worth paying the high cost of repairs when purchasing a new one is an option.
  • Not the right size for your needs: Let’s say you’re using a good quality industrial freezer in your store or restaurant. It’s working great for the most part, but you’ve noticed that it’s either too big or too small for your needs. If this is your situation, then it may be the right time to upgrade.

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