Hiring Pipe Fitters for Commercial Refrigeration in Florida

Hiring Pipe Fitters for Commercial Refrigeration in Florida

The demand for pipe fitters in commercial refrigeration in Florida and other related industries is high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job openings for pipe fitters will increase approximately 26 percent by 2020, thanks to changes in technology and regulations.

With so many opportunities available, recruiting, hiring and retaining pipe fitters at your business can be difficult. Here are aspects recruiters recommend if you want to find pipe fitters and have them stay with you for the long term:

  • Referral bonuses: The best way to find like-minded staff is to encourage current employees to recommend people. Workers are also more likely to stay for the long term if they know the people at their job well. When employees refer a like-minded pipe fitter and you hire that individual, pay the referring employee a good bonus. That will encourage others to also send good people your way, and it will make it easier to fill staffing vacancies.
  • Stay current with industry trends: There is a high demand for pipe fitters, and the job takes a long time to master. That is part of the reason why finding the right pipe fitter for your opening can be difficult. But you will find this even more challenging if you do not offer pay and benefits competitive at market rates. If you pay below market, pipe fitters have many other options to pursue and will likely not work for you for too long. Review your salary levels twice a year and compare them with industry averages to make sure you are caught up.
  • Consider other workforce options: If your shop works in several locations, finding local help in those areas can save costs and assure you have the right professionals on staff. That way, if you cannot find anyone in your immediate area, you can at least have someone available at one of your other sites and pay more for jobs if they need to travel. Whether you hire remotely or locally, make all travel expectations clear during recruitment. Most pipe fitters, especially in commercial refrigeration, expect to travel, but misrepresenting frequency will cause resentment during employment.
  • Partner with trade schools: The first thing a student finishing trade school will want to do is find work. This gives you a ready pipeline for new employees, many of whom are eager to learn and improve their skills. Offer apprenticeships, too, so your future workforce can learn on the job. If you offer good incentives and a productive environment, you may not have a staffing shortfall for a long while.
  • Use a staffing agency: If there is an industry-specific staffing agency in your area, reaching out to them will be enormously helpful to fill any open positions. These agencies can be most helpful when you are seeking specialty skills like pipe fitting. Also, if you are not making an offer within current trends, the agency will give you a heads-up on that.

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