Hollymatic 8/65 Patty Machine with Roto-FLOW Fill System

Hollymatic 8/65 Patty Machine with Roto-FLOW Fill System

The Hollymatic 8/65 Patty Machine creates gourmet patties thanks to the patented gear driven Roto-FLOW System. This system forms meat columns that are gently twisted together to form the best textured patty available. Along with this technology, the 8/65 Patty Machine comes with a patented side notch paper feed system, hopper and feed auger, and mold plates.

There are also some options for adding to the already impressive machine:

  • Skor-O-Matic – scores either both surfaces of each patty, or just the top surface
  • Stainless steel custom wash rack
  • 4 foot mesh conveyor

With the standard features and options available with the Hollymatic 8/65, you are sure to produce delicious patties. As an Authorized Hollymatic Dealer, Horizon Bradco would be happy to provide more information on this piece of equipment. Call us today!

Need patty paper? We well various sizes so be sure to check out our supplies!

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