How LED lighting impacts food merchandising in supermarkets

How LED lighting impacts food merchandising in supermarkets

How LED lighting impacts food merchandising in supermarkets

Food and beverage manufacturers may spend all the time and money in the world to design an eye-grabbing packaging design, but supermarkets or grocers without proper display equipment could accidentally negate these expenditures.

That’s where food merchandising comes in. What do food merchandisers do, and how can LED lighting help in them in their mission to drive sales?

“Energy-efficient light bulbs like LEDs can save owners between 25 percent and 75 percent in electricity costs.”

Where do LED light bulbs fit into the merchandising equation?
Light-emitting diodes have revolutionized the way people think about lighting, but can they support and advance better in-store merchandising practices?

In a broad sense, supermarkets with uneven lighting throughout the store can invest in LED technology to fix the problem without breaking the bank. The U.S. Department of Energy stated energy-efficient light bulbs like LEDs can save owners between 25 percent and 75 percent in electricity costs. How? LEDs last much longer than traditional light bulbs and they consume less energy while still delivering the same amount of brightness, or lumen count.

This becomes especially beneficial when supermarkets consider replacing refrigerated cases with newer models. Cases with LED lighting embedded into their design may be able to achieve higher luminosity than similar equipment stuck with outdated lighting. Better still, greater visibility accomplished with LEDs means supermarkets aren’t overspending to enhance merchandising. In fact, apart from the cost to replace refrigerated cases or any other display equipment with lighting, recurring energy costs stand a good chance of actually decreasing after the switch.

Other benefits LEDs provide merchandising initiatives
The advantages of LEDs in refrigerated cases and displays for prepared and fresh foods merchandising don’t just stop at energy efficiency, especially when these pieces of equipment use Promolux Lighting.

The mindset that, “an LED is an LED” is one of the most critical mistakes made in the retail industry; the LED that’s in the ceiling should NEVER be used to merchandise the product you’re trying to sell!  Promolux specialty merchandising LEDs allow a retailer’s fresh food case to stand out; they create appealing, vibrant visual displays – attracting customers’ attention from across the store

Shoppers have many options where to shop these days – they can go to any number of supermarkets in their neighborhood. And shoppers often choose a supermarket based on the quality of its fresh food.  So, when in your store, if customers consistently see colorful and fresh perishable displays, it creates strong customer loyalty because no one else’s meat, seafood, produce and deli looks as good as yours!

Not every grocery store shopper is a food expert, so when looking for the right ingredients or meals, the most visually appealing items stand out. Thanks to Promolux’s balanced-spectrum, low radiation lighting technology, customers can experience the true color and vibrancy of the meats, fruits, vegetables and other foods on display, without lighting filters distorting their natural hues.

More importantly, because LED lights generate little to no heat, product integrity won’t be compromised by adverse temperature changes, no matter how close the items themselves are to the lights or how well they’re lit overall. As a result, supermarkets with Promolux-powered cases and displays will save on shrinkage by keeping food fresher for longer.

All these perks aside, Promolux still delivers the energy-saving potential LEDs are known for. Switching to Promolux lighting can save supermarkets 60 to 76 percent on their related electricity costs. Whether it’s through reduced energy costs, shrinkage prevention or effective merchandising, refrigerated cases and displays with LED technology help supermarkets drive up revenue and spur customer engagement throughout their stores.

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