Looking For a Job Opportunity in Commercial Refrigeration in Florida? We Seek a Rack Refrigeration Technician

Looking For a Job Opportunity in Commercial Refrigeration in Florida? We Seek a Rack Refrigeration Technician

Opportunity abounds at Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. If you have been looking to work in commercial refrigeration in Florida, we currently seek a rack refrigeration technician. Here is what working for our company offers you.

Growing company

Recently, we added a 24,000 square foot facility so we can better receive, stage and ship clients’ refrigeration equipment. This has allowed us to serve more customers, which is why we require more help. We expect this growth to continue, as there has been no decrease in demand for our specialized services.

Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. is one of only four providers of commercial refrigeration services in the Tampa area, and now, one of the biggest providers in the state. Since starting in 2009, the company has grown 500 percent, making us one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Tampa. We expanded from our original intentions, and now include sales, installation, preventative maintenance, water filtration and repairs in our service list. While we have a few large customers, there is also enough diversity of clients that we always have work to do. We look to serve a wide scope, so we do not lose business just because one large client no longer requires our services.

Our goal is to be a one-stop resource for commercial refrigeration and freezing. Whether it is a restaurant’s ice machine, a grocery store’s cold storage display case or the air conditioning system at the shopping mall, we help bring cool temperatures where they are needed in the Florida heat. To provide these many different services, we advance standards towards a dedicated service culture.

Dedication to service

We build our staff on the concept of offering five-star service. Dispatch brings technicians to locations quickly, and we use technology to coordinate these efforts. Our clients rely on their HVAC and refrigeration to ensure their businesses remain solvent. A broken down air conditioning system or malfunctioning ice machine can stop commerce in its tracks. The sooner we are able to arrive and solve the problem, the quicker the store or restaurant can return to business as usual. We also offer 24-hour service, so technicians can sometimes expect to be on-call.

Qualifications are also important, so we invest in training for all our technicians. Our management team has a combined 135 years of experience with extensive knowledge in this field, so we know the importance of sharing and expanding upon knowledge. We consider this necessary to keep skills sharp and knowledge up to date. Just like in other industries, commercial refrigeration changes and improves constantly. If you are willing to learn, we will give you the opportunity to stay current with new methods and technology. The result is a workforce that is qualified, reliable, trustworthy and competent.

If you are a service-oriented person dedicated to providing quality repairs for commercial refrigeration in Florida, please contact us so we can discuss your qualifications. We look forward to adding to the Five Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. team.

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