Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration in Florida When Your Air Conditioning Stops

Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration in Florida When Your Air Conditioning Stops

One day, you may face the misfortune of broken-down air conditioning in your restaurant or other food business. If you are not able to get an HVAC technician over quickly and it is a hot summer day, the situation will not just test your personal resiliency to heat and humidity—it will also test the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration in Florida on warm days when all you want to do is hang out in an air conditioned environment. If you face this situation, here is how you can keep your refrigeration functioning well despite its competition with the rest of your uncooled environment:

  • Fill it up: You do not want to pack a refrigerator so tightly that you block vents and other important areas. However, a full refrigerator is also an efficient one. If you have gallon jugs of water or other items that benefit from refrigeration, but are not currently being cooled, this is the time to move them into your commercial refrigeration. This will help it maintain temperature, even though the air outside of it is quickly getting warm. Extra items are additional insulation at a time when you really need it.
  • Check your electric connections: When you installed your refrigeration equipment, you should have added the right plug-ins with the correct voltage. This step works for energy efficiency and safety, while also working in your favor when there is no air conditioning. The right setup allows for the refrigerator to receive enough power even when it is facing challenging circumstances. If you skipped this step at initial installation, now is the time to reconsider that decision. Make an appointment with an HVAC expert to see how your electric setup serves your refrigeration and other cooling needs.
  • Have a backup cooling method: We are very reliant on air conditioning in Florida. However, even adding fans or opening windows could reduce the indoor temperature and give your refrigeration an added lift. This could make enough of a difference to prevent your refrigeration from struggling too badly. Keeping fans and window air conditioning units in storage for hard times could make a big difference in an emergency.
  • Keep ice ready: If there are sensitive items in your refrigerator, maintain extra preservation by packing them in ice while continuing to refrigerate them. Consumers often hear the recommendation that they never keep perishable items in a garage refrigerator where temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. If there is a risk of refrigeration cooling not meeting needed standards, ice will help keep these sensitive food items from becoming rancid.
  • Remember we do HVAC, too: While you are panicked about your A/C failure and wondering how your business will ever be a cool indoor environment again, know that we fix HVAC equipment as well as commercial refrigeration. We can arrive quickly so your emergency situation will soon become a distant memory.

5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. can address your needs for HVAC and commercial refrigeration in Florida. Call us today so we can help you.

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