Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Florida

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Florida

Whether your business uses refrigeration units that are walk-in, standup or display cases, maintenance is key to keep them working properly everyday. Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure your units are not constantly in need of fixing—such as following through with daily wipe-downs and quick checks and watching for signs of potential problems. In fact, maintaining commercial refrigerator parts and components is necessary for proper function. Interior temperatures will remain steady, and the workings of the unit will hold strong.

It’s a good idea to plan on doing your own regular commercial refrigeration maintenance checks in between professional maintenance visits. With you and your team members working together, you can bet your refrigerators will last a long time and always be presentable.

Let’s check out some maintenance tips to help you avoid costly commercial refrigeration repair in Florida.


  • Cleaning your commercial fridge often and a little at a time will be easier than letting it go and having to scrub. Depending on usage and the kinds of products stocked, a thorough weekly wipe-down using a damp cloth soaked in a mild soapy solution should suffice. Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges, as this can ruin the outside finish. For restaurants and similar establishments, daily cleanings are recommended to wash away lingering odors and spilled food.
  • If you are familiar with your home refrigerator, then you know that spring cleaning involves vacuuming grate covers and cleaning the fan, coils and wires they protect. However, cleaning the fan and coils on a commercial refrigeration unit requires more elbow grease to remove buildup. Dirt and debris accumulates around these components, which can hinder proper cooling function. Either buy a coil cleanser to clean it yourself, or leave this task to the professionals.


  • The smallest issue can turn into a big problem—a problem that is likely to cause your unit to fail. This is why weekly commercial refrigerator inspections are important for any business that relies on a food cooling system. To save time, pencil in your weekly inspection to correspond with your refrigerator cleaning schedule.
  • Watch for water leaking out from underneath or behind the unit. This could be a sign of clogged coil condensers, which may lead to compressor failure. Also, keep an eye out for water leaking from the inside of the refrigerator. It’s an indicator that the internal temperature is dropping from a safe food cooling temperature to a not-so-safe one. Additionally, condensation on glass display windows or the inside walls can be attributed to more than simply the door opening and shutting often. This could be a red flag for failing door seals.
  • Don’t ignore odd noises. You should be wary of strange sounds coming from the compressor or fan motor, as these are indications of clogs or malfunction. Also, inspect all unit joints for damage and loose hinges and fasteners.

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