Patty Machines: Not Just For Beef Anymore!

Patty Machines: Not Just For Beef Anymore!

With fishing cuts in Maine and Massachusetts of over 70% it has become quickly evident to seafood companies that they need something new to stay competitive and to meet consumer demand. One particular customer of ours, a wholesale fish market, needed a new category due to this depletion in available fish and a demand from customers. With the assistance of our Senior Equipment Specialist, Paul Desjardins, they developed a fish patty! 

Over a period of about 60 days, Paul assisted the customer in developing this fish value added product based on their budget and production requirements. He worked with a corporate chef to get a recipe and ingredients that would accommodate the limitations of the machine. He also assisted in setting the parameters for production (temperature, patty size, etc.) and developing the production flow.

Hollymatic Side Notch Automatic Paper Feed SystemCurrent plans are for Mahi Mahi and Salmon patties but this is just the beginning of the expansion into new and exciting markets. The patty options and abilities of the patty machine continue to grow from fish patties to lobster burgers to many different types of meat. Take the first step towards innovative patty ideas by learning more about the Hollymatic Patty Machine!

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