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Imperial IHR-1FT-C

Circular cast iron rings and lift-off covers
Rings are located directly over the burner
Pans can be placed directly on the intense open flame when covers are removed
Two cast iron ring burners rated 35,000 BTU/hr (10KW) each (IHR-2FT MODELS)
One cast-iron ring burner rated 35,000 BTU/hr (10KW) each (IHR-1FT MODELS)
Temperatures gradually reduce toward the rear of each top for simmering
Heavy-duty tops measure 18” W x 28” D (457 W x 711 D mm)
Tops have cast-in heat-retaining projections underneath to absorb and diffuse heat
Each burner has one adjustable gas valve and one standing pilot
Manual controls for each burner

35,000 BTU/hr (1KW) Convection oven with ½ HP blower motor cooks products quickly and evenly with less shrinkage
Electronic ignition system with Radiant solenoid valves
Convection oven interior dimensions 26 ½” W x 22 ½” D x 14” H (673 x 572 x 356 mm)
Three positions switch for cooking or cool down. The fan shuts off automatically when the door is open
Three chrome oven racks are included.
Porcelainized sides, rear, deck, and inner door liner for easy cleaning. Stainless steel door gasket
Burner “ON” indicator light and one-hour electronic timer

40,000 BTU/hr (12KW) oven with 100% safety pilot and manually shut off valve
Unique burner baffle distributes heat flow to provide even temperatures throughout the oven cavity
Exclusive heat deflector reflects heat into the oven, not the floor
Chef Depth interior is 26 ½” W x 26” D x 14” H (673 x 660 x 356 mm) and accommodates 18” x 26” (457 x  660) sheet pans left-to-right and front-to-back
Porcelainized sides, rear, deck and door lining for easy cleaning.
One chrome oven rack is included.
Optional stainless steel oven interior
Superior heavy-duty door hinge
Side oven controls are protected in the cool zone
Optional high mass oven with cast iron oven interior and 650 degree thermostat


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