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GIORICK steambox

Steambox Evolution

An ingenious patented system from Giorik now makes it possible for STEAMBOX ovens to generate steam in two different and complementary ways. These combine the quality of boiler-generated steam with the speed and economy of steam generated in INSTANT mode. The range consists of 4 sets of models that differ by type of controls and steam generating system.
• Door with left-hand hinges available on request
• New 9” touch screen
• Change the shelves to vary the capacity from GN 1/1 to EN (600x400mm).
• LED lighting fitted to the door
• New software manages each cooking process
• Personalised cooking programmes made fast and easy with RECIPE TUNER
• New Easy Service rack-control system manages cooking at each level
• Optional WiFi module
• Self-diagnosis tools for automatic functional checks
• Features a much smaller steam generator than those fitted to traditional mixed ovens

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