Replace or Repair? When Is It Time for a New Commercial Refrigeration System?

Replace or Repair? When Is It Time for a New Commercial Refrigeration System?

Replace or Repair? When Is It Time for a New Commercial Refrigeration System?

It’s easy to assume the worst when your commercial refrigeration system encounters a malfunction. Something as simple as a broken solenoid or a faulty thermostat can wreak havoc on your system, sounding off alarm bells that send you into a panic. What needs to be fixed? What will it cost? Is my entire system compromised?

These questions can all be answered by a trained HVACR technician. And, as quickly as they come about, your fears will likely be put to rest. A qualified contractor will be able to tell you what’s wrong, how much it’ll cost to fix and if your system as a whole is at risk. Often the solution comes down to simple commercial refrigeration repair in Florida.

But, there are times when the right option might be to think long-term and invest in a brand-new system. How do you know whether to sink money into your current system for repairs, versus dipping into the coffers for a whole new system? Take a look at some of the signs it may be time to think long-term:

  • Weigh the cost of repairs versus the number of estimated years left with your current system. Then, weigh that value against the cost of a new system. The numbers won’t lie. If your repairs are only going to get you a couple more years on a system that will likely need more maintenance to stay functional, those dollars might be best invested in a new system.
  • Is the core problem a refrigerant leakage or depletion? If your system is running on HCRC-22 and there’s a problem with the refrigerant, your first and best option is to replace your system. You’ll need to phase out HCRC-22 by 2020 anyway, so a long-term investment in a new system supported by a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant is the best solution.
  • Is your option for commercial refrigeration repair in Florida a temporary fix? Sinking money into a problem that’s going to keep occurring means stretching your dollars thin. A design flaw that causes frost buildup in solenoids may not be worth fixing over and over again. Investing in a new system without recurring problems like this could mean putting your dollars to work towards a long-term solution.
  • Are you expanding or improving your business? One of the best ways to invest pre-tax dollars is back into new equipment for your business. If you’ve got a nice chunk of change left at the end of a fiscal year, put it to work in the form of a new refrigeration system before Uncle Sam takes his cut! You’ll erase those overhanging repairs you’ve been meaning to make and give yourself prospects for the future.

Often, commercial refrigeration repair in Florida is the easy option—however, it’s not always the best one. Sometimes you’re better off thinking bigger and longer-term, and putting your money in a brand-new system that’s going to perform better now and over the years to come. For more information, contact the experts at 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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