Preventive Maintenance

Purchasing commercial food service equipment requires a large investment of both money and time. Without regular equipment maintenance, you may experience sub-par quality and equipment breakdowns. A service contract with Horizon Bradco ensures that general maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer and any additional maintenance required by your facility is covered.

At Horizon Bradco we approach Preventive Maintenance programs seriously, and we know that each customer requires a different set of services. Therefore, we customize our PM programs by customer, no two are the same. Our service contracts are written to only perform maintenance on the equipment you select, and include a detailed interview and site visit before implementation.

Horizon Bradco Preventive Maintenance Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Dough Makeup EquipmentRotisseriesDeli Slicers
    Proof BoxesSteamersLobster Tanks
    Bakery OvensPanini GrillsMeat Processing Equipment
    Bread SlicersFryersFood Commissary Equipment

A dedicated Preventive Maintenance program prevents major damage to equipment, and increases the life span of your investment. Utilizing a PM program directly impacts your business by:

  • Reducing capital expenditures
  • Minimizing down time
  • Reducing operator injury
  • Increasing equipment life span
  • Maximizing product sales