Six Reasons Commercial Water Filtration Systems in Florida Are So Important

Six Reasons Commercial Water Filtration Systems in Florida Are So Important

There are few area businesses that would not benefit from commercial water filtration systems in Florida. Even if you are not in the food handling industry, filtered water offers benefits to plumbing and machinery that could save you money in the long run. If you have not installed a water filtration system or wonder if you need to upgrade your current system, here are six reasons why it is important to make this a priority:

  • Maintain boiler systems: Excess metals, hard water and minerals can ruin boiler systems. That is why, when you are in a home or business with a boiler, you typically see a water softener and filtration system, too. Exposing boilers to these conditions over a continuous period will corrode them, and suddenly you are in for a very expensive repair or replacement. If your place of business runs on a boiler, consider having your filtration checked or installing a new system.
  • Preserve plumbing: In Florida, we do not have to worry about frozen pipes or other plumbing calamities, but the warm weather combined with hard water causes corrosion. One day you may be preparing for a large event only to discover a lack of water access. This is not good on a regular day, but when you are expecting more visitors, it is a disaster. When you add water filtration, you take away one element that can ruin your plumbing and water access.
  • Lower operating costs: When machinery does not have to struggle against mineral build-up, it operates better. This is true for anything exposed to water, including hot water heaters, boilers, ice machines and refrigeration. Just as with your plumbing, you want to avoid system failures that could shut down your business for hours, if not days.
  • Cleaner dishes and utensils: If you are in the food service industry, one complaining customer can start an ordeal. You can remove one source of ammunition for these confrontations by ensuring your dishes and utensils appear clean. Filtered water is less likely to leave spots, and it cleans better than unfiltered water. Your dishes and utensils shine without polishing, which also saves on labor costs.
  • Better water flavor: Filtered water offers obvious advantages to restaurants, but the same is true for any business. If you add a water filtration system, that is less money spent on bottled water. Coffee tastes better and your workers have a steady supply of fresh, clean water. Restaurants prefer filtered water for all beverages, but especially for ice, since it can sit within a machine for a while before being used.
  • Maintain warranties: If you are in the restaurant business, operating equipment without a water filtration system may void the warranty. This is especially true with ice machines, since mineral buildup compromises their functioning and condition. Even if you do not believe this is a condition for your equipment warranties, install a filtration system anyway. It offers too many advantages to go without!

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