How to Start Planning Your Restaurant Kitchen

How to Start Planning Your Restaurant Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any restaurant. It’s the center for the menu execution and the workflow of every dinner rush. That’s why the proper setup of your kitchen is essential to the success of your restaurant. The layout and design of your kitchen dictates the efficiency and functionality of your restaurant on a day-to-day basis, which will determine the long-term success of your business.

If you’re concerned about establishing a foundation for continued success as a restaurant owner, you will want to invest some serious time and thought into the planning of your restaurant kitchen. Here are a few points to consider that will help you get started.

This is not your family kitchen

Where a few misplaced items or a barrier in the flow of your home kitchen may not be a big deal, such oversights in a restaurant kitchen can have serious consequences not only to the successful workflow of your kitchen, but to the safety of your staff and guests as well. A restaurant kitchen is meant to serve many people very quickly, and this cannot be accomplished if time is wasted making extra steps or searching for kitchen utensils. A well-organized kitchen will promote ease of workflow, save time and promote kitchen safety.

Commercial grade refrigeration is a must

Since this isn’t your family kitchen, you won’t be able to get by with a family-style refrigerator. Look for quality commercial refrigeration in Florida as a refrigeration option for your restaurant. You need a refrigerator that can not only hold all the food products needed to run your business on a daily basis, but one that you can count on to keep foods at temperatures in line with local health codes.

Understand FIFO

FIFO stands for “first in, first out,” which is the concept of using oldest things first and constantly rotating your food products. FIFO helps you save money by reducing waste, not to mention helping you avoid mistakenly serving questionable products. Look for quality commercial refrigeration in Florida that will help you put FIFO in place. Look for units with sufficient shelving and organization features that will help you and your staff keep track of food products as they come in and go out.

Cleanliness is key

Don’t underestimate the role that cleanliness plays in the successful workflow of your kitchen. Just like your parents told you, cleaning as you go is key. A clean work area promotes safety, quality and speed. Set up your kitchen in a way that allows you to clear away messes quickly, keep up on dishes and be able to clean up spills and mishaps quickly.

With the proper planning, you can set up your kitchen in a way that will promote your continued success as a restaurant owner. By investing time, effort and resources into designing a kitchen that promotes the ease of workflow, you’ll find that your restaurant is not only a pleasurable dining experience for your guests, but a pleasure to work in for you and your staff.

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