Troubleshooting Control Systems for Commercial Refrigeration in Florida

Troubleshooting Control Systems for Commercial Refrigeration in Florida

The control systems for commercial refrigeration in Florida can be problematic. You will normally not be able to troubleshoot the high-tech systems on your own, and calling a technician will be the only way to know for certain what is going on with your controls. There are a few older systems out there that can still be assessed, and solutions can be just a matter of a few minor adjustments.

Keep in mind, though, that you will most likely be calling a technician, as commercial refrigeration really does not present well to even the most intrepid of do-it-yourselfers. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take before calling your refrigeration specialist, so you can at least reduce the diagnosis time:

  • Know your schematics: When the control system is acting up, it is often linked to compressors, fans, defrost heaters (if installed), lines or thermostats. If you can find any of these systems on the schematic, you can likely trace the cause of the problem back to them. Sometimes, this will lead you to switch contacts and fuses that can be replaced quickly. If everything is working well on that route, then it is likely the power system, which requires professional intervention.
  • Check wires: Sometimes a momentary malfunction is just a matter of a loose wire. If you can find the location of a possible disconnection, you will enjoy a quick and easy fix. Consider this possibility especially if your system has suffered rough treatment recently, or if you have any new employees who may have mishandled the refrigeration control system.
  • Inspect the liquid line solenoid: This is one of the most accessible parts, and sometimes it just stops or becomes blocked. Inspect this first because, if you can report this to your technician, it often means a quicker and less expensive repair.
  • Listen to your fans: Just as with mechanical issues in other machines, the answer may be in the sound. Your evaporator and compressor fans may be connected to the systems just find, but you notice they are running loudly or not at all. If fan noise changes drastically, it is likely that these components require replacement. On some systems, this can be as easy as removing a few bolts and putting in the new fan. However, not all fans are accessible. If you cannot readily remove a fan or need to work through other components to get to it, it is not recommended that you finish that repair yourself.
  • Check drain lines: If water freezes in a drain line, it will plug it up and risk future failure. The most likely cause of this issue is a breakdown in the drain line heater. If you end up having to replace it, remove all water from the drain line first, and then install the heater. Consider insulating the drain line if there are any delays in this needed repair.

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