Troubleshooting Tips for Your Commercial Refrigerator

Troubleshooting Tips for Your Commercial Refrigerator

Imagine you’re in the middle of the dinner rush and one of your cooks comes to you with bad news: your refrigerator isn’t working. As you try to serve your guests, you also try to save your food product. Even a few minutes down can cause you to lose hundreds of dollars in spoiled food, not to mention the inconvenience to your guests and staff. You can call for commercial refrigeration repair in Florida, but there are a few things you can try yourself too that may help you avoid a costly disaster.

Unit is dead

If your commercial refrigerator is just completely dead, it may actually be a simple fix, so don’t call the repairman just yet. Check to make sure that the refrigerator is switched on. The moving of products can easily bump an on/off switch during a dinner rush. You should also check to make sure that the unit is plugged in. The daily operations of a restaurant can often cause a plug to be pulled out of the outlet. If the unit is plugged in, check to make sure there is power going to that outlet. You may be able to fix the problem by temporarily plugging your unit into a different outlet, but make sure the other outlet can handle the necessary wattage needed to run your refrigerator.

Unit is freezing up

If your refrigerator is too cold or freezing up, you may not need to call for commercial refrigeration repair in Florida right away. First, check to make sure that the thermostat for the fridge wasn’t accidentally turned to a cooler temperature. You can also check to make sure that your evaporator fan is running and not being blocked by ice buildup or some other object. Also check to make sure your cooling coils are clear of ice and the drain line is clear. Ice blockage is often the cause of a unit that is freezing up.

Unit is too warm

The number one cause for a commercial refrigerator failing to hold the proper temperature is damaged or ill-fitting gaskets. Check to make sure that the gaskets in the doors of your unit are in good repair, not cracked, clean and fitted into the door properly. Again, another problem could be a blocked fan. Check to make sure that your fan is rotating in the proper direction and is not blocked by any foreign objects. Don’t forget to check the temperature settings, too. You never know, but these could have been tampered with by mistake.

When in a pinch, these few troubleshooting tips may save you the inconvenience of calling for a repair unnecessarily. However, although there are some things you can remedy yourself if your refrigerator is not working properly, don’t hesitate to call for professional commercial refrigeration repair in Florida if you need it. Waiting too long to call for help can cost you wasted food product and may even lose you some customers if it’s affecting your service. If you need commercial refrigeration repair, contact the team at 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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