Year-round BBQ: Making every meal taste like summer

Year-round BBQ: Making every meal taste like summer

Year-round BBQ: Making every meal taste like summer

Another Fall has officially arrived, and with it goes the summer and all its splendor. Another year of barbecuing has officially come to an end.

Goodbye, grill. We’ll see you again in 2017.

However, for local supermarkets and grocery stores, summer can last all year long provided they invest in the necessary prepared foods equipment to keep the party going. Beat back the cold weather blues by considering what these commercial assets could do to keep the spirit of summer alive, flavorful and profitable month after month.

“Chicken has elbowed out steak and ribs as one of the top three most popular Labor Day edibles.”

This past Labor Day, a survey conducted by beermaker Budweiser showed a new trend has emerged among barbecue fanatics around the country. Since the organization held the same poll in 2015, barbecued chicken has elbowed out steak and ribs as one of the top three most popular Labor Day edibles behind hot dogs and hamburgers.

Now is the perfect time for your business to look into getting a high-capacity rotisserie and a heated display case. Not only can systems built by BKI and Doregrill cook ample goods for hungry patrons at a quick clip, but large glass picture windows on each will practically sell these meals all on their own.

Meat smokers
Just because ribs took a backseat to chicken this year doesn’t mean they’ve fallen out of favor with the average supermarket consumer. On the contrary, perhaps the reasons why chicken took a marginal lead is because casual barbecuers lack the equipment to properly smoke ribs at home and refuse to settle for products in the frozen foods aisle.

That’s where the prepared foods department comes in. With meat smokers like the Sipromac indoor smokehouse behind the counter, supermarkets can keep this fan favorite on the menu all year round without sacrificing on quality.

Patty makers
What barbecue would be complete without a juicy hamburger or cheeseburger? Fast-food restaurants have known for decades these classic meals could never be contained to a single season. Now, if only these greasy spoons knew a thing or two about cooking meat properly.

Supermarkets and their prepared foods professionals have the expertise to turn fresh, high-end ingredients into a delicious burger – all they need is automated technology to keep the patties flowing. Automated patty makers take the manual labor out of mass patty production so cooks can focus on what really matters – the grill!

“Investing in refrigerated display cases really matters, especially when it comes to color.”

Refrigerated cases for barbecue accouterments
While the summer carnivores may say meat makes the season great, they’ll no doubt reach for a scoop of side dishes to compliment their protein – coleslaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans and more add that little extra something-something that takes a barbecue to the next level.

Investing in the right refrigerated display cases for your deli-made side dishes really matters, especially when it comes to color. Display cases with the wrong light bulbs can tint the appearance of fresh goods inside, deluding their vibrancy and making them look like they’ve been sitting around since Labor Day 1999. Display cases with LED lighting keep side dishes (and everything else) looking fresh and your prepared foods department a serious competitor for dinnertime season after season.

Americans love barbecue. It’s the comfort food that defines our nation. So don’t let it disappear all too soon. Summer may be fading into fall, but with the right equipment in your prepared foods section barbecue won’t need to fade away with it.

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